Dive Resorts

  • Anilao Dive Resorts

    Anilao‘s coral gardens are underwater rainbows, home to enough colorful tropical marine creatures to fill any diver’s wish list.

    Anilao is not only popular for its wide ranging dive sites but also known for having 5 star resorts located on every corner of its boundaries. It is a wondrous place indeed where you can enjoy nature’s beauty and at the same time calm and refreshment will fill your body. To think that each resort have its own diving area, it really was a paradise.

  • Dive Solana Anilao

    Dive Solana Anilao – Solana (A place in the sun) Resort is located in Anilao Batangas. This vibrant resort in Anilao gives you a warm welcome to enjoy a quiet period by the sea. What more can you wish for when you have a welcome drink with buffet meals and snacks that are included in the room rates, mouthwatering food and diet friendly, and most of all a relaxing horizon to watch as the sunset comes down.

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  • Eagle Point Resort

    A half drive from Makati and you will reach Eagle Point Resort’s destination. The locals call the area “Bagalangit” which means “Almost Heaven”. Everything here is amazing from the beautiful view to the excellent accommodation.

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  • Portulano Dive Resort

    It is a small but a very charming resort in Anilao Batangas. A perfect getaway for you and your family, with beautiful scenery, rustic nature with Philippines hidden treasures, and experience a diverse fun filled activities.

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  • Sea’s Spring Resort Hotel

    It is a perfect place to create a precious bonding moments with friends and families. Once for awhile you have to be rejuvenated and this resort will give you that satisfaction.

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