Eagle Point Resort

  • Eagle Point Resort

    A half drive from Makati and you will reach Eagle Point Resort’s destination. The locals call the area “Bagalangit” which means “Almost Heaven”. Everything here is amazing from the beautiful view to the excellent accommodation.

    • Eagle Point Resort Rates

      Usual Package

      Accommodation Rates
      Day Tour Package Php 1,800.00 / person
      Diving Php 3,000.00 / person
      Kayaking Php 450.00 /kayak / hour
      Snorkling Php 500.00 / hour
      Boat Ride to Sepoc beach Php 1,800.00 / boat / round trip ( max 8 person per boat)
    • Overnight Package

      Accommodation Rates
      Quadruple Occupancy Php 2,650.00 / person
      Triple Occupancy Php 2,800.00 / person
      Twin Occupancy Php 3, 700.00 / person
      Single Occupancy Php 5,950 / person
    • Room and Breakfast

      Accommodation Rates
      One-Bedroom Cottage Php 5,250.00 / rm / nt
      Terrace Room (Sea View) Php 6,200.00 / rm / nt
      Terrace Room (Non View) Php 4,000.00 / rm / nt
      Terrace Room (Loft) Php 8,000.00 / rm/ nt
      Cabana (non air con) Php 3,360.00 /rm/ nt
      Extra Bed Php 800.00 /rm/ nt
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    • Eagle Point Resort’s Information

      Breathtaking scenery without a doubt, Eagle Point Resort is located in Anilao Batangas, just about 2 ½ hour drive from Metro Manila. It is a paradise where you can escape from the existing strains of today’s life. Experience the bucolic charm of nature and the handiness of modern living collide in one place. Most of the town’s folks call this resort as “a place almost like heaven” and yes indeed, it really is a place that can be nearly compare to heaven.

      Guests won’t get bored for there are lots of activities that can be done here like scuba diving for once, prepare yourself for this exciting underwater adventure that will show you how beautiful marine life can possibly be. It also includes snorkeling, kayaking, boat ride, swimming, a game room where you can play billiards or table tennis and many other resort activities that you won’t cease all within the day.

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      It offers both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned cottages that suit your needs. All the air-conditioned rooms are perfectly filled with comfort and satisfaction. The beds are comfy and relaxing to sleep on, bathrooms are well mended, and the panoramic scenery of the sunset that you can view from the balcony. All is splendid undeniably.

      The aviary is a must seen where you can see lots of different birds such as pheasants, hawks, variety of eagles, albino peacock, and a bunch of toucans.


    • Eagle Point Resort Layout

    • Eagle Point Resort Rooms

    • Cabanas

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      • Bathrooms
      • Balconies
      • Traditional woven matted walls
      • 2 single beds


    • Cottages

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      • Air-conditioned
      • Bathroom
      • Bedrooms
      • Veranda
      • Satellite TV


    • Villa Suites

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      • Large living room
      • Two large single bedroom suites
      • Bathrooms
      • Veranda
      • Satellite TV
      • Air-conditioned


    • 2 Bedroom Cottages

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      • Air-conditioned
      • 2 single bed
      • 1 double bed
      • Bathroom
      • Satellite TV
      • Satellite TV
      • Veranda


    • Casablanca Suite

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      • Four storey facility
      • Air conditioned
      • 3-bedroom condominium
      • 3 bathrooms
      • Living room
      • Satellite TV
      • 5 air-conditioned room (3 twins and 2 singles )


    • Eagle Point Resort Facilities

      Here in eagle point we have a restaurant bar that offers a variety of dishes and welcomed by a smiling front desk staff with a refreshing drink.

      Buy all your souvenirs here in our well mended gift shop such as hats, bathing suits, children toys, bracelet, pearls, etc.

      A 15 minutes boat ride from the resort and you will reach Sepoc Beach Center where you will find our dive equipments.

      We also offer swimming pools for children and adults to have fun and be repose.

      Our resort offers rooms where events and gatherings are held.

      Go and play here in our own Game room where you will find enjoyment and entertainment at the same time.

      There is a helipad available for guest arriving by helicopter.

      Mask with snorkel and fins and available in our dive shop.

      The aviary is a must seen where you can see lots of different birds such as pheasants, hawks, variety of eagles, albino peacock, and a bunch of toucans.

      Of course we don’t want your kids to get board that’s why we offer to you our own playground. Now you won’t have troubles with your kids getting bored.

      Test your adrenalin rush with this activity under the sun. Play in our well facilitated tennis court and enjoy the game.

    • Restaurant bar

    • Gift Shop

    • Sepoc Beach Center

    • Swimming Pools

    • Function Rooms

    • Game Room

    • Helipad

    • Dive shop

    • Aviary

    • Play Ground

    • Tennis Court

    • Eagle Point Resort Reviews

    • “Honestly I don’t travel a lot but when my wife invited me to this really nice resort in batangas, I was amazed. Everything I need was here, leisure, comfort, fun, bonding with my family and most of all one of a kind trip. I tried scuba diving, at first I was afraid but on the middle of the spree I was “OMG” it was awesome! This is the first time I have seen something like that. I want to try that again next time we visit Batangas.”– Anonymous
    • “Amazing, splendid, out of the ordinary, incredible, what more can I say? It was just ‘wow’. Everything was there. Foods, clean sheets, the sunset, sandy beaches, underwater voyage was fun, lots of activities, nothing I tell you! Nothing more! It was a nice price for only 1300 with a room that has a clear see-through of the ocean view? Yes I go for that.”– john min