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  • Anilao Dive Sites

    Anilao had been named the best diving site that you can find here in the Philippines, where both marine life and beauty collide. Over a hundreds of marine species that lurks in every corner of the sea. Diving here is not a last choice, it always been the first one.

  • Beatrice Rock

    Beatrice Rock

    Beatrice Rock is a well-known dive site for its enticing beauty. Rumor has it that during the early years of scuba diving in Anilao, the site was discovered by the early explorers and one of their travel companions was named Beatrice, they somehow named the site after her.

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  • Bonito Island

    Bonito Island

    You can call it a “diver’s paradise”, Bonito island is a vibrant marine sanctuary that have coral heads on sandy slopes. The reason why they call it a diver’s paradise is because of it’s an imaginable underwater beauty. It has a wide sandy sloping stand with a mix of scattered big and small rocks with crushed corals, such as big basket of corals and soft sponges.

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  • Koala


    Koala is a very referable diving site for novice divers because of its medium currents and gentle slopes.

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  • Layag Layag

    Layag Layag

    Layag Layag, also known as Layag Layag Reef is one of the Top Diving site in Anilao, has an extensive shallow area of scattered big boulders, rocks and widespread of coral formations on a steep. You can find loads of marine life and often very good visibility.

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  • Ligpo Island

    Ligpo Island

    Ligpo Island is a small island located at the province of Lemery Batangas, close to the Costal area of Anilao. It can be traveled around on one dive. But be cautious on the current and seek shelter from it. You can locate a small drop-off and a cave on the east side and find an undersea mount on the west, which has various deep slopes.

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  • Mainit Point

    Mainit Point

    A perfect diving site for dive masters out there. It is one of the most remarkable dive sites and been rated as a 4-star dive site by some dive websites. Divers can perfectly enjoy the scenery on flood tide or rather on neap tide, because the current can be really strong on different tides.

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  • Malaji Bomaoc

    Malaji Bomaoc

    Malaji Bomaoc is one of the worth mentioning diving site in Anilao, it is a small island located at the eastern end of Bonito island. Even if the island is small the beauty of its underwater resources is immeasurable.

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  • Mapating Rock

    Mapating Rock

    Well known as Sharks Reef, Mapating Rock is suggested for experienced divers only and its exploration may require assistance from a local dive guides. It is a challenging dive because of its huge area and extremely strong currents. The hollow rock is surrounded by a fairly shallow zone, which ends in a series of drop-offs that descend to 40 meters.

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  • Maricaban Island

    Maricaban Island

    Maricaban Island is a peaceful and a beautiful island in Anilao Region with a mild to strong water current. Because of its rarity, people call it one of the kept secret diving sites in Batangas. Here you can relax, enjoy, and mesmerized by the exquisiteness of the whole surrounding and not to forget the underwater beauty of the island.

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  • The Cathedral

    The Cathedral

    The Cathedral, well-known as Cathedral Marine Park Sanctuary, is a marine sanctuary and perhaps the best recognized in Philippines Dive site. Formerly, the Cathedral is quite desolate but because it has been seeded with coral from elsewhere and nonstop fish feeding, the Cathedral is now swarming with different kinds of underwater creatures.

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