Beatrice Rock

  • Beatrice Rock

    Beatrice Rock is a well-known dive site for its enticing beauty. Rumor has it that during the early years of scuba diving in Anilao, the site was discovered by the early explorers and one of their travel companions was named Beatrice, they somehow named the site after her.

    The site is portrayed by having series of small falls with canals between them, from 5 to 27 meters. It also offers series of short drop offs with channels in between, from 2 to 27 meters and a peak rising from 14 to 8 meters. One side of the rock is sloppy and then a mini wall. The other corner goes into a steady slope of coral garden.

    The most frequent species are the reef fish such as trigger fish, snappers, school master, ocean surgeon, jacks, turtles, southern blue-ringed octopus and fish from the carangidae family, and when the current is ripping you will spot a group of anthias dancing with the currents. There are large barrel of sponges, gorgonians, black corals, soft and stony corals, anemones with clownfish, nudibrachs and sea stars.

    One of the great dive site with lots to witness, and if you are lucky you can spot an old turtle lurking around the area, try to find it, as they say he doesn’t mind divers getting close to him.

    Location: North of Sombrero Island at the Northern end of Maricaban Strait
    Conditions: Can Be Strong
    Visibility: up to 25 meters
    Depth: 14 to 27 meters

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