Bonito Island

  • Bonito Island

    You can call it a “diver’s paradise”, Bonito island is a vibrant marine sanctuary that have coral heads on sandy slopes. The reason why they call it a diver’s paradise is because of it’s an imaginable underwater beauty. It has a wide sandy sloping stand with a mix of scattered big and small rocks with crushed corals, such as big basket of corals and soft sponges.

    If the current is high or whenever there’s a current, shoals of jacks, snappers, and fusiliers can be spotted in the area. Surrounded by the sandy areas, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, stingrays and moray eels can be found.

    This is one of the best diving sites if you want to experience rarity and beauty at the same time.

    Location: Eastern end of Maricaban Isaland
    Conditions: Can be strong
    Visibility: 10 to 40 meters
    Depth: 18 to 24 meters

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