Layag Layag

  • Layag Layag

    Layag Layag, also known as Layag Layag Reef is one of the Top Diving site in Anilao, has an extensive shallow area of scattered big boulders, rocks and widespread of coral formations on a steep. You can find loads of marine life and often very good visibility.

    When the current is running all the normal reef fish will swarm the area, shoals of pelagic fish are not uncommon. The best attraction is where you find very large Spanish dancer nudibranches. On the south side of this open-water area is a ledge drop about 27 meters from the surface. You will spot big jacks swimming within a few feet of the surface, even if the large fish tend to be timid.

    Violent current makes neap tide the best time for diving and considered to be a good snorkeling site, but should be very cautious with tide tables and slack water chosen. Layag Layag is a recommended diving site for experienced divers.

    Location: Northwest corner of Caban Island
    Conditions: Can be violent
    Visibility: up to 30 meters
    Depth: 10 to 18 meters

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