Mainit Point

  • Mainit Point

    A perfect diving site for dive masters out there. It is one of the most remarkable dive sites and been rated as a 4-star dive site by some dive websites. Divers can perfectly enjoy the scenery on flood tide or rather on neap tide, because the current can be really strong on different tides.

    The marine life here is rich and wide-ranging because of the currents. When the currents are strong, it is advisable to take shelter behind boulders when taking photos. You can spot a patrolling dog tooth under the rocks close to bottom and white tip reef sharks on the cave at 9 meters.

    The boulders are ornamented with soft corals and anemones, joined with many crinoids, colorful linckia sea stars and nudibranchs. You can find Moorish idols, Pufferfish, Porcupinefish, Snappers, Jacks, Scorpionfish, Wrasses, Powder-blue surgeonfish, and many other type of marine life here.

    This dive has everything to offer, perfect for a short drift dive and barracuda watching.

    Location: Southernmost point of Calumpa Peninsula known as Cazador Point on the charts
    Conditions: Can Be Very Strong
    Visibility: up to 25 meters
    Depth: 15 to 30 meters

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